Directions: Examine the logical reasoning problem in each sentence and identify which logical fallacy is at work here. The answers to all of these sentences can be found on our wikispace site titled: Answers to the quiz.
  1. The Varsity Cheerleading Team blamed the JV team for ruining the pom-poms since JV was the last to use them. P.H
  2. Since God exists, you should really behave. B.T.Q
  3. Your runny nose tells me that you either have a cold or the flu. EITHER/OR
  4. In her defense, she is a woman so you really can’t expect her to know a lot about cars. Ad Hom or H.G
  5. The New York Times argued that the Yankees will win the World Series in today’s paper. Q.A.
  6. Men are built to have more muscle than women. If women want to excel in sports like men, they really need to go to the gym. N.S.
  7. Teens who listen to rap music will end up becoming aggressive and eventually, they will join a gang. S.S.
  8. I would love to answer your question on the health care budget. Let me begin by talking about the value of stem cell research. R.H
  9. Jesse doesn’t read any books; he must not be able to read. H.G.
  10. Because McDonald’s is so unhealthy, you shouldn’t ever eat there. B.T.Q.
  11. I’ve had my computer for a year and after I installed this new software, a couple days later, my computer began to crash. That software must have caused a virus. P.H
  12. After you die, your actions will have dictated if you are going to heaven or hell. EITHER/OR
  13. Drinking alcohol in your teens leads to alcoholism in adulthood. S.S.
  14. People with good style are good role models. N.S. (Pay attention to the idea that the conclusion does NOT follow the observation. This is a faulty conclusion.)
  15. Cars are like people, they need their tires rotated every once in a while. F.A.
  16. His cold demeanor and inability to smile concern me if he were to take over as Chief of Police. A.H.
  17. Former manager Larry Bowa reported today that the Phillies don’t have the type of team unity a World Series team needs. Q.A.
  18. Father: Why did you fail every class this semester?Son: Well, dad, maybe failure is another word for success and if that’s the case, maybe you should consider me really successful at achieving other things in life. R.H.
  19. Three teens at Concord had car accidents last year which proves that teens are really dangerous behind the wheel. H.G.
  20. A school is not so different from a business. Schools and businesses both thrive when there’s a winner and a loser. F.A